Mrs Moody's 1961 1st Grade class at Central
Mrs Moody's 1961 1st Grade class at Central
Help us Identify these Classmates of one the Central first grade classes.
Beginning with front row left to right.

Front Row: Male, Patti Poteet, Male, Male, Sharon McCloud

2nd Row: Male, Female, Male, Female, Female, Male

3rd Row: Female, Male, Male, Male, Male, Female, Donnell Goodwin?,Male

Back Row:  Randy Penix, Curtis Craig?, Cindy Schank, Denise Martin, Kay Uhles, Steve Standifer, Male, Male
Mr. Townsends 6th grade class at Central
Mr. Townsends 6th grade class at Central

Beginning with front row, left to right.
Thanks to Kay Uhles for filling in serveral classmates.
Sharon McCloud identified 5 other classmates in this picture and Patti Poteet in the first grade pic.

Front Row:  Billy Cleve, Sharon McCloud, Jennifer McPhail, Donna Roberts, Sue Walton, David Durham

2nd: Kay Uhles, Lonnie Cooley,Ralph Spivey, Russell Thedford, Eugena Wheeler, Keith Green, Willie Chancellor?

3rd: Cindy Shank, James Jones, Jimmy Tenor, Patty Myatt, Sharon Byrd, Jeff Hatcher, Anna Marie Valdez

Back Row: Dave Sudik, Kay Mathesen, Richard Brink, Dwayne Buckley, Jackie Sullins, Jim Best, Cynthia Moppin

Mrs Haster's Northmoore 6th grade class
Mrs Haster's Northmoore 6th grade class

Thanks to Olin Swanson for supplying every name in this picture.
Rows front to back beginning at bottom of picture

Rocky Clark, Curtis Craig, Vickie Woodward, Mary Treat, Susan Williams

Steve Standefer, LaVant Powell, Gloria Thomas, Diane Herndon, Olin Swanson, Brent Beal

Tom White, Debbie Harrington, Rick Hopkemier, Chet Judkins, Marvin Burks

Craig Crenshaw, Mary Ann Lemley, Patty Kelley, John McGovern, LaDonna Morgan

Maura Murray, Gwen Phillips, Vicki Garrett, John Martin, Lowrey Hurst

Diane Haskins, Linda Marical, Connie Nelson, Jana Scott, Randy Grady, Victor Fuller