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Linda McGraw
I haven t seen Linda in years. But she was in my first grade class at Central Elementry along with Jana Scott. I know there were a few others in the class. Linda was always a lot of fun and would cut...
Last Post: Feb 18th 2011
Author: JeanWard
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Dewayne Connor
Copied from the Scott Tyra Blog:

Scott on May 1, 2010 5:18 PM

RIP to DeWayne. I do remember DeWayne and Woody. They were a little more committed on the long hair front...
Last Post: Feb 8th 2011
Author: Forrest
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Dewayne Connor
I knew Dewayne in high school (we long hairs had our own kind of club) Really nice guy. Had a food place for awhile and then I lost track of him when he moved. Knew Woody also. Really nice guy too....
Last Post: May 7th 2010
Author: DaneScottDycus
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