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Walter Almon
January 04, 1955 engineer Married 1
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Becky Taylor (Anderberg)
December 31, 1969 Graphic Designer Married 5
Jodi Goldbeck (Basinger)
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September 28, 1953 Project Associate For a Bio-Tech Company Married 2

I haven't been back since the 25th. It will be interesting to see how everyone is and looks. Looking forward to see everyone!
I also looking for a few friends! Suzie Hall and Shelly Rollins! If anyone knows anything about them, please give a shout!!

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Forrest Bivens
February 20, 1955 UHC Medicare Solutions Sales Married 3
Class of 73, I love you people. Send Forrest a MessageSend Forrest a Message
Max (Doug) Butler
December 23, 1953 steelworker Married 2
Really Looking forward to it!
Dawn Sarvey (Christenson)
July 01, 1955 outdoor skills instructor/ trip leader Married 3

I was only in Oklahoma for two years of a long life but remember it fondly.  The reunion coincided with a previously planned trip to Oregon but it would have been nice to attend. 
I no longer play the tuba or shoot arrows but now spend lots of time hiking and back country camping and teaching others how to enjoy the wilderness. 
I enjoyed reading the other profiles on this site.

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Vonnie McCann (Clark)
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I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and we're going to have a great time!  Send Vonnie a MessageSend Vonnie a Message
Kevin Cobble
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August 26, 1955 Sr. Principal Engineer Married 3
My wife and I at our summer palace.

Looking forward to the reunion.
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Loretta Gastineau (Colley)
August 30, 1955 Office Manager for Farmers Insurance Agent Married 3
Looking forward to seeing everybody again.  Send Loretta a MessageSend Loretta a Message
Cathy Craig (Colvin)
April 22, 1955 Reading Specialist-Kelley ES Married 3
Been thinking about all of you-Class of 1973.  I started at Fairview in 5th grade and continued until our graduation day.  College BA and M,Ed from East Central.  I've been teaching in Oklahoma for 35 years, but I finally came home in 2002 to teach here in Moore at Kelley Elementary for the past 14 years.  When I came to Moore in 1965, it was the best school system in the country.  It is still the best, thanks to all of you in the Class of 1973.  Moore Lions were the first and are still the best.   I may not have told you personally, but I have always been proud to be a Lion and a classmate of the Class of '73.  God keep you all! Send Cathy a MessageSend Cathy a Message
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